3 iPhone Apps That Will Get You In Shape…. VERY Fast!

Smartphones have taken over the world. There are now more smartphones than people and the modern day device like an Android or iPhone is more powerful than some desktop computers. Crazy right?

Anyway, aside from all the amazing things these types of phones can do, they can also help you get into shape. You can lose weight, tone up, build bigger muscles and feel more energetic.

How? All by using simple but popular apps which help you to build and reach these positive health goals in your life.

Below are the most popular health related iPhone apps on the market right now that will help you to get your fat boy arse in shape.

Let’s get into it:



If you haven’t heard of Freeletics, basically it’s a poor mans workout. But actually works your body better than some gym equipment. All you need is yourself and some public equipment. What I mean by that is a park or beach or even a parking lot, that has bars of some kind which you can do workouts with.

7 Minute Workout


If you’re a lazy piece of sh*t like I am, then you don’t want to workout more than you need to. With the 7 Minute Workout app, you are basically using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in a short period of time to build muscle and fitness levels over several weeks. The science is there and support it, so give it a go.

Yoga Studio


Now I know what you’re thinking. Yoga?? That’s for chicks man! You are DEAD wrong my friend. It’s 2015, you can be a straight male and still do yoga. Not to mention that it’s incredibly good for you. The more yoga you do, the more flexible and supple you become, which means a healthier body as you age.

Bottom Line

I’m not your dad, so I won’t be hassling you to get off the couch. However if you don’t then you’re going to get fat… pretty quick. So start living a healthier life and use these apps!

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