3 Reasons Why She Won’t Sleep With You

boobiesThere are many guys all over the world that try to get laid every night of the week and FAIL… miserably. Now of course there are multiple reasons as to why a woman wouldn’t want to sleep with you. Anything from basic hygiene and you being ugly, to her being picky about what type of man she wishes to sleep with.

But here’s the thing, there are 3 very common and universal reasons why she won’t sleep with you and why girls have rejected you in the past. I’m going to list those in this post and show you exactly what you’re doing wrong, so take note.

1. You give off the friend vibe

Being in the friend zone with a girl that you adore, is possibly the worst place you can be. But this is most common reason why men don’t get laid. You’re too nice, too cautious and not sexual which makes her think… awww, he’s so cute, I want to hug him and make good use of him.

2. You’re too scared to advance

Sexual escalation is key if you want to get in her panties. You must show her that you are not a friend and that you’re a potential sexual partner instead. A lot of guys don’t go in the for the kiss, touch the girls during conversation or even get close to her in a flirty way, which is giving her the wrong signals.

3. You don’t look attractive

Now I’m not saying facially exactly, if you’re ugly that’s not your fault. What I’m saying is your overall appearance. So your facial hear, hygiene, dress sense, teeth, cologne, hairstyle, body type etc. The ugliest guy on the planet can make himself appear more attractive just by working on his appearance more.

So there you have it, those are the main reasons women won’t want to sleep with you. If you want to become a master with women then there’s only one way to do it and that is with Stealth Attraction.

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