3 Things Your Dad Never Told You About Women And Dating

dads-adviceYour dad is someone who should protect you, give you what you need as a child and guide you throughout your life… even as an adult. That’s what a good dad does.

But here’s something that MOST dads don’t do… which they absolutely SHOULD.

Teach you how to pickup women.

I know for some of you, this may sound strange, but your dad is the best teacher you can have growing up, who can teach you all the rights and wrongs of speaking to and attracting women.

Even if you’re dad is terrible with women, he can still teach you something.

Below are 3 things that your dad should have told you but probably didn’t.

1. Women want a REAL man

When you hear women say “I want a real man”. What they are saying is this… they want a guy who can lead, is secure and confident in himself, has a good job, decent morals and can protect her. Some of those values might sound old fashioned and that’s because they are.

Women don’t want to marry a Justin Bieber, they want to marry a Wolverine who can take care of them. Even if they are independent, make their own money and pride themselves on not relying on a man. All normal, heterosexual women want a man like this.

2. Foreplay is more important than sex

Men all over the world jump into bed and head straight for the sex… winkle out.. bosh in it goes. Sometimes this is fine, especially if the girl is very horny and eager for you to sexual please her. But most of the time? Nope, you need to master the art of foreplay and please her enough, before she’s practically ripping your clothes off.

This means everything from the moment you’re in your or her place, kissing… removing clothes… massaging.. oral sex etc.

3. Make women laugh… and the rest is easy

Being able to make a women laugh is your secret potion. You will be able to make her do whatever you want if you can keep her laughing forever. Don’t confuse this with being a clown though, it’s important to lay off the jokes when you are with her. Time the jokes, so that you seem funnier than you are.

All women say that they want a guy who can make them laugh, it’s VERY important.

If you’re interested in learning more things that your dad never told you then you need to check this video out.

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