3 Things Your Doctor Will Never Tell You About Fat Loss

Weight loss advice

Don’t believe them!

Doctors are paid to give you a diagnosis based on what they have read in a book. I’m not trying to be disrespectful to doctors or GP’s but it’s true. Most doctors don’t innovate or offer their patients new alternatives to traditional “proven” methods or medicine.

So when you visit your doctor or GP about weight loss because you want to shed a few pounds, your getting the same old re-hashed information.

Ya know… things like…

– Eat less fatty junk food
– Do more exercise
– Lower your cholesterol
– Drink less sugary drinks

Blah blah blah.

What they don’t actually tell you is what works! There are human studies going on continuously that PROVE the information you’re getting from your GP is wrong!

Here’s a very popular method for example that’s helping people lose 30 pounds of pure fat in 30 days or less. Its’s insane!

So why do they still give it?

Because they aren’t living it, breathing it, it’s just general common sense health advice.

So what do you do if you want to shred that fat fast?

Do these three things:

1. You burn more fat by exercising in the morning

Cardio in the morning is the best way to burn fat. But you have to do it on an empty stomach, it’s known as “fasted cardio” and has been scientifically proven to burn fat faster than if you were exercising on a fully belly.

2. Sugar is the biggest fat driver

Like your sweets and chocolate? Well, think about this. Every time you stuff your face with treats, you are promoting fat storage in your body. When you eat something with refined sugar in it, your insulin levels spike and your body feeds off the sugar and not fat, meaning you won’t burn any fat for energy.

3. Fasting will shred fat faster than any diet

Forget every single fad diet you’ve ever heard of and just fast. Fasting is the quickest way to reset your body and to let it know that it needs to burn energy from your fat stores and nothing else. By restricting your calorie intake through fasting you will kick start fat loss and prolong the effects.

Do you seriously want to lose weight and burn more fat than you’ve ever burnt in your life? Then you need to watch this video.

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