5 Easy Ways To Lose Fat Fast… Without Eating Horrible Food

lose-fat-fastThere are certain times throughout the year when you are prone to put on more weight than say the summer for example. What this means is you’re yoyo-ing in size multiple times in a full 12 months. With that weight gain, come feeling unhappy, your confidence levels drop and you end up eating more food out of frustration and laziness.

Most men put on a lot of fat around their stomach which is without a doubt the hardest area to lose weight. Today I want to show you the fastest ways to lose weight… now these aren’t easy and they certainly aren’t classed as enjoyable, but damn they work. Don’t just do one either, do all 5 and the results will speak for themselves in a few weeks time.

NOTE: If you’re eager to lose weight quickly and don’t like the tips below, then you should check out this video… it will blow your mind.

1. Drink 2 or more litres of water a day

Water is a diuretic, it flushes out your toxins, replenishes lost minerals and hydrates the body. Us humans need water, a lot of it. Water has been proven to be a powerful tool in aiding weight loss, so keep drinking more of it.

2. Have a colonic

Not only will you instantly feel lighter, but a colonic will help to remove unwanted waste that is being stored in your lower bowel. It’s one of the most uncomfortable things you’ll experience, due to the warm water whizzing around your bowels. But I can assure you that it’s going to help you lose weight.

3. Stop eating white foods

Anything that’s white and processed is bad for you. It’s usually high in sugar, blood clogging ingredients and saturated fat. The body cannot break this type of food down, which means it promotes fat storage. It doesn’t mean you can’t eat things like white bread, white pasta, potatoes, pastry, pizza etc… it just means you need to eat them very rarely.

4. Exercise in a fasted state with very high intensity

Cardio is equally as important when it comes to fat loss as food is. You need to be exercising for at least 20 minutes a day, on an empty stomach. If you exercise on a full stomach, you will be burning off sugar only and not much fat, in a fasted state you’re burning off mostly fat.

5. Fresh is best

Try and eat as much fresh vegetables as you can, as well as meat. The more fresh food you eat, the easier it will be for your body to process it, which means your digestive system will not be clogged up with stodgy unhealthy foods.

Again, watch this video for full explanation on how fat loss works.

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