5 Essential Items Every Traveler Needs When Backpacking

compression-backpackThere’s nothing more freeing than taking your backpack and nothing else… leaving to an unknown destination and relying on no-one else but yourself.

Traveling can be an incredible experience, but most people tend to get it wrong. You either take too much and end up lugging around things you won’t ever use on your travels, or you take too little and end up making life harder for yourself, because you haven’t got the essentials.

Today, I want to give you those essentials, so that you can make the best of your trip.

1. Fast drying towel

If you’re going budget and you want to save as much as possible, then hostels will most likely be your main point of accommodation. So with that in mind it’s key that you take your own towel. Not just any towel, a fast trying SUPER absorbent micro-fibre towel. These little beauties will try you quick and save a bunch of space in your bag.

2. Compression backpack

Getting a good backpack for the road is so important. You need to squeeze a lot into your back and it needs to be able to fit in the cabin on the airplane, plus it has to be rugged. The best type of backpack is a compression pack, which will allow you to use compression straps that compress everything in your bag. This makes your bag appear smaller and less bulky.

3. Hanging washbag

Believe it or not, a hanging washbag really IS an essential travel item. All you need to do is put all your toiletries in the one bag, hang it up in the bathroom and you have everything you need in there. No messing around trying to find everything and misplacing it.

4. Wrinkle free dress shirt x2

Traveling light, means you can’t pack everything you want like smart clothes. However the latest technology with shirts, allows you to buy wrinkle free dress shirts. That means ZERO ironing and you can look smart on a night out if you need to. Cool huh?

5. RFID blocking hidden money pouch

Here’s for the technical part. Your passport and credit cards contain what’s called a RFID chip, which stores all your information on. Smart thief’s these days have figured out a way to walk past you and swipe your pockets so they can pickup all your info in one go. Not with a blocking pouch they won’t! Just put all your cards, money and passport in this pouch and BOOM, safe from crooks.

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