5 Simple Gadgets Every Man Needs To Own

Every guy loves a gadget, but sometimes it’s the simple gadgets that make us most happy. Sure, some will say they’re silly and others may laugh at them, but we love them! Here are my top 5 that you must own.

10 In 1 Credit Card Multi-tool


Whether you want to open a bottle of beer or need to tighten that wing nut on your bike. This handy multi-tool does pretty much everything you want. It’s small enough to fit inside your wallet or credit card holder so you don’t need to worry about carrying around a bulky swiss army knife.

Metal Art Mech Warrior iPhone Stand


How do you make your iPhone stand out from the billion other ones out in the world today? You give it a badass robot stand of course! This awesome stand will make your iPhone look like a robot ready to shoot whoever dares to touch it!

Nanolite (Mini Flash Light)


Isn’t it annoying when you need a flashlight, but all you have is your phone? Well this tiny little keyring torch is CRAZY bright and is smaller than your keys, so you can take it with you anywhere.

iKettle (Yes! It’s Finally Arrived)


Gone are the days where you actually had to get up off your lazy ass and boil the kettle yourself, the future is here people. The first automated kettle that allows you to boil water from your iPhone with a few taps.

Dead Tidy Desk Organiser


Sick of your desk being filthy with all that stationary everywhere? Well now you can spruce it up a bit and add a little humour to your work day with this tiny rubber dead dude that you stick your pens and other stuff in. Nice!

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