5 Things Women Will Say Before Sleeping With You To Test You

hot-chicaSleeping with a woman takes skill and a lot of practice over many years. Of course I’m referring to sleeping with HOT women that other guys would give their right nut to sleep with.

If you want to sleep with a woman that is below your normal standards and on the heavier/uglier side, then you can do that simply by going out and getting crazy drunk.

But then you have to wake up and look at yourself in the mirror the next morning. Horrible. So best to practice, then practice some more and practice MORE again.

That way you will be able to get past the objections that hot women will throw at you time and time again, in order to nudge you off your game.

When this happens, don’t let it throw you. Just remain calm and deal with the objection like a pro.

Below are the 5 most common types of objections that women will say, usually right before having sex. In the PUA community this is known as Last Minute Resistance.

Study them…

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1. I don’t think we should be doing this

This basically means she is having doubts about sleeping with you, because she doesn’t want to be considered a slut. All you need to do is say… “We’re not doing anything, we’re just hanging out and enjoying ourselves”.

2. I’ve only just met you

Another slut defence, she’s thinking that she should make you work a little more for her pussy. All you need to say to this is “I know it’s crazy right? I feel like I’ve known you for a lot longer though…”.

3. How do I know you don’t just want me for sex?

Women don’t like being used for sex, so when they say this you need to say “Hang on a minute… how do I know you don’t just want ME for sex…”. Have a cheeky smirk on your face and laugh it off together.

4. I’m not that type of girl

This will be the most common of all and you need to respond with “And I’m not that type of guy, we’re just having fun here right? Then chill, relax and just enjoy the moment”.

5. You’re a bad guy

All women love a bad boy, but all women don’t want to be hurt by them. To seal the deal here, you need to say “Damn right I’m a bad boy and you love it…” Then kiss her neck and get physical.

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