5 Things You Can Talk About To Turn Her On… Even If She’s Not Attracted To You

Woman OrgasmingWhen girls are attracted to you, they will let you know in subtle ways. When they are SEXUALLY attracted to you, they will be very obvious.

The way to get her sexually attracted, is by using specific topics and words that will turn her on and have her start thinking about you in a sexual way.

Today I want to show you 5 awesome things that you can say right now, that will turn ANY girl on.

Be aware that if you roll into a coffee shop and spout one of these lines out, then it’s not going to work, but it will work if you’re in a bar or club and the alcohol is flowing.

1. The craziest place she’s had sex

I like to say things like “Hey, so where the craziest place you’ve had sex”. This line makes her immediately think about having sex with you and if she hasn’t had sex in a crazy place, then you’ve just placed that idea in her mind, so maybe she’ll be up for it with you.

2. What turns her on the most about a man

This is a great way to not only make her feel turned on by thinking about you sexually, but it also puts you in the forefront of her thoughts. She’ll be visualising you in a naughty way, even while you’re having a normal conversation.

3. What sexual position is her favourite

I know this can be boring, because it’s kind of a common question. But the way you can spice it up is by saying to the girl, “Hey I know this is cheesy, but what’s your favourite sexual position and why?”. Saying that you think it’s cheesy, will take the cheesiness out of it, because it now becomes funny.

4. Which area of her body she likes kissed the most

Just like question number 3, this line puts her in the fantasy seat and forces her to visualise you doing sexual stuff to her. Kissing is a gateway to more pleasure, so make sure you slow down when you talk about it, keep intense eye contact and then say that you want to practice on her now.

5. When was the last time she orgasmed

A large amount of women have never orgasmed, which is very strange because this means that the men they’re sleeping with have no idea how to satisfy women. So ask her when she last orgasmed and then go into detail on how it happened. Being graphic will turn her on like crazy, until she won’t be able to do anything else other than think about having sex with you.

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