5 Things You’re Doing That Is Turning Women Off

turning-women-offDid you know that you’re turning women off, because you’re sub consciously doing certain things that are making them cringe inside.

You’ve probably been in the friend zone more times than you care to think about right?

Well today my friend, I’m going to let you in on a little secret… actually a bunch of secrets.

These secrets are going to allow you to stop doing what you’re doing… those annoying things that are turning women off you and placing you in the dreaded friend zone.

Let’s get into it:

1. Dirty sneakers

Women HATE men with bad shoes, especially dirty shoes. Their number 1 pet hate is dirty sneakers, it’s an instant turn off for them. By all means wear sneakers, just make sure their cool and clean.

2. Lingering / space invading

Ever notice women slowly moving away from you in bars? It’s probably because you’re a lingering space invader. Women get annoyed by these types of guys, they are clingy and invasive. Make sure you keep a good distance between you and give her some breathing space.

3. Bad breath

There’s nothing worse than talking to someone attractive and then you get a whiff of bad breath as soon as they open their mouth. It’s a truly horrible moment. If your breath is bad, then women will think you have bad hygiene, it’s a nautili and logical thought. Take some breath mints with you wherever you go.

4. Too drunk

There’s always one guy in the group who manages to get waaaaaayyyyyy more drunk than the others and ends up making a fool of himself. Is that you? If it is, you may be ruining your chances with the ladies. Women can’t stand guys who get too drunk, it’s a huge red flag and communicates that you can’t control yourself.

5. Bad jokes

If your humour is on point and you can make women laugh, then you’re going to get her into bed. But if you’re jokes are a bit… well… 1980’s, then all you’re going to get are strange looks and awkward silences. Not to mention zero sexual attraction from any woman you’re speaking too.

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