9 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting Laid Tonight

playing-computer-gamesYou are NOT getting laid tonight and I know the reasons why. Grab a beer, sit back and read this post to the very end dude, because you might just learn a thing or two about why you’re not getting your winkle wet this evening.

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1. You have prioritised something else over getting laid. I.e playing games, meeting with your friends, going for a drink at your local bar, going to the gym, watching Netflix… etc.

2. You don’t have any options, because you’re not approaching… following up and closing.

3. You don’t approach ever. You just go to work, have your lunch, bitch about life, go home, eat your dinner whilst watching some dogshit TV show, then go to bed, dreading tomorrow because you’re doing it all over again.

4. You aren’t gong to group classes that are notorious for being full of hot women. Spinning, yoga, language learning, cooking… all have tons of hot women, ready for the picking.

5. You keep running the same game with women, even though you haven’t gotten laid from it in a while, you still think it works. It’s like a gambler throwing money in a slot machine at a Vegas casino. They know the house is designed to win, at least by 80% in fact, but yet they still keep adding money.

6. You aren’t taking advantage of hookup apps like Tinder. Yes they are lame if you rely on them, but hey guess what? Women do actually go on these apps to get laid. So you should use them.

7. You’ve convinced yourself that something else is more important, which in reality is WAAYYYYYY less important. Like picking up something from the post office or taking your clothes to the dry cleaners.

8. You don’t reignite old leads. Meaning you don’t text or call girls you’ve hooked up with in the past, to see if you can get them out for some nookie.

9. You don’t make social media work for you. Your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter profiles are full of needy B.S that makes girls thing you’re like EVERY other guy out there. Instead you should be posting pictures of you travelling, meeting new girls all the time, learning new things, working on your passion projects etc.

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