7 Unique Reasons Why You Need To Get An Apple Watch

apple-watchThe Apple Watch is set to hit the stores in Spring 2015, but for some reason there’s not as much hype surrounding this watch as Apple would have hoped.

I’ve been lucky enough to test out the watch and see some of the features first hand that MOST other watches don’t have right now. I know you might be thinking… WTF, who cares it’s a watch, but you know what? It’s more than a watch.

Let me explain some of the cool features:

1. Make and answer calls like Dick Tracey

Remember dick tracey making calls on his fancy watch? Well now that’s a reality! You can call or answer calls directly on your watch or you can put the caller on hold and transfer them to your iPhone. Some people find this a little gimmicky, but the point is your hands will be free to fiddle about without holding the phone next to your ear.

2. Silently navigate your way to… wherever you want

The maps GPS feature on this watch is awesome. Just punch in your destination and the watch will silently tell you where to to go based on silent gestures. The watch will silently vibrate telling you where to go, so no more looking down at your phone or interrupting your music with that annoying GPS voice.

3. Communicate with others through digital touch

Forget text messages, now you can communicate faster with digital touch messages. Just draw what you’re feeling and send it instantly to the other person. They can do the same and you will be in a two way conversation just using mini drawings.

4. Have a walkie-talkie convo

Work on a project that requires you to use walkie-talkies on the job? Forget them, just use the Apple Watch. It has an app that allows you to use it as a walkie-talkie with another person.

5. Monitor your heart rate during exercise

Measuring your heart rate during exercise is the best way to see the impact your exercise is having on your fitness. Most heart rate devices on the market are unreliable, but the Apple Watch uses a very accurate heart rate sensor which records your heart rate throughout the day.

6. Calorie count like a pro

Want to burn a certain number of calories a day? This watch let’s you record goals and count calories with ease. No more entering them into a fiddley app, the watch counts on auto-pilot AND sends your info to your iPhone when you sync it.

7. Interchangeable straps

This watch suits everyone, why? Because you can have multiple straps suiting any occasion. Smart/formal or sporty/casual… you can change the look and feel whenever you like.

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