Are You Depressed? Here’s How To Tell…

depressed-guyDepression is a VERY serious mental illness that is affecting millions of people worldwide, yet most people with depression, never do anything to help themselves ease the feeling of being depressed.

Today I want to talk about the triggers (which cause you to feel depressed) the symptoms (how to spot if you’re depressed) and the cure (how to stop feeling depressed).

Firstly, I want to comment on how some people view depression. For example, you may have someone in your family who thinks that depression is just a state of mind and you need to snap out of it.

This is entirely the wrong way of looking at it and you should seriously try and do whatever you can to get away from those types of people and seek professional help.

Ok, let’s move on…

Triggers for depression

Work – The type of work you do, can strongly have an affect on your mental state. If you are unhappy with the work you do or you work somewhere that entails high stress like front line customer service, then you need to think about a career in something else.

School – Being at school can be incredibly stressful and depending on your type of character you can trigger your depression just by the thought of going back.

Friends and family – Who you hang around with and spend most of your time with can have a massive influence on your mindset. It’s important to surround yourself with GOOD people.

Physical appearance – More and more these days, people are placing a ton of importance on appearance and how they look in the mirror. This is becoming the number one trigger for depression in our modern times.

Symptoms of depression

Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness – Feeling as though you cannot do or achieve anything is a horrible feeling. It’s something that hits you like a brick and makes you question your abilities as a human. If you feel this way regularly, you can take this as a sure sign of depression.

Sleep changes – If you find yourself sleeping for longer than you need to (over 8 hours per night) or you are sleeping irregular hours (throughout the day). Also if you cannot get to sleep (you’re suffering form insomnia) then you need to take note of this immediately and do something about it.

Concentration problems – Finding it hard to concentrate for longer than a couple of minutes on something you really need to do? Then you may have issues with depression. This is one of the minor symptoms and could be part of a bigger problem.

Anger or irritability – Feeling angry or irritable is a major sign of depression and this should be addressed as soon as possible, to avoid any issues with people in the future.

There are multiple symptoms, even more than I’ve listed above. If you feel any one of these for longer than 6 months, you should visit your doctor.

The cure?

There are multiple ways to cure depression. Firstly you can go to your doctor and get some advice, they may even prescribe you with medication. If however you are the type of person that wants to go down the natural route, then you should CHECK THIS OUT.

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