The Best 3 Bedroom Gadgets That Will Make Your Girl Squirm With Pleasure

Ready to spice things up in the bedroom with the lady in your life? Well don’t worry, I’ve got you homeboy. The below gadgets are perfect for taking things to that kinky level in no time.

vibrating-rocj-chickVibrating Rock Chick (for the g-spot)

During foreplay, grab the blindfold, turn the lights down and make sure you’re chick is fully nude. Then but the blindfold on her, grab this u-shaped toy and slowly insert it into her vagina. Not only will it stimulate her g-spot, but it will also play havoc with her clit!

If you want to really take things to the next level, handcuff her to your bed and ask her how long she can take the pleasure for, before throwing in the towel. I’m guessing 2 minutes max 🙂 Learn more here.

breast-massagersHeart-Shaped Breast Massagers

Oh yes! Women love their nipples played with, sucked, bitten and massaged. So what better way to gently caress her soft nipples than with these heart shaped breast massagers, whilst you use your hands to do other kinky stuff to her. Learn more here.

hitachi-magic-wandHitachi Magic Wand

Ok this is it, the ultimate way to get your girl off during foreplay before you stick it in and give her what she REALLY wants. The magic wand from Hitachi is the best way to stimulate her clit without any gimmicks. Just point, turn it on and BOOM, your girl will be in heaven.

Why have I focused so much on her clit and g-spot? Simple. Because foreplay is the most important part of sex for a woman. 89% of women will not cum during sex if you do not stimulate her with foreplay first. FACT! Learn more here.

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