How To Build Your Own Chicken Coop And Save $$$ In Eggs Per Year

small-chicken-coopMost people buy their eggs from the supermarket, which is fine. But what they don’t know is that they could be saving thousands per year just by eating eggs produced by their own chickens!

On average one hen will lay 1 to 2 eggs per day, this greatly depends on the season, how happy the hen is, how well fed they are, the weather, the age of the hen etc.

But just think about that for a second, if you had just two hens in your back garden you could get around 10 to 14 eggs per week! Now obviously most people don’t eat that many eggs, so what’s stopping you from selling them to your neighbors?

Not only will you be saving money as you don’t need to buy your own fresh eggs, you’ll be making money on selling the eggs you have spare. Awesome right?

Now another misconception that people have is that it’s difficult to look after chickens and they’re noise. Wrong, roosters are freakin noisey! Chickens are pretty quiet and they keep themselves amused by pecking at food all day long.

As long as you know the basics when it comes to looking after chickens, like feeding them regularly, cleaning out the chicken coop, providing them with a roomy chicken coop, giving them another chicken to keep them company and treating them like one of the family… you will be eating fresh tasting eggs all year long.

Oh and did you also know that the color of egg yolk is a massive sign of how happy and healthy your chicken is?

Yep it’s true. If your egg yolk is a mild yellow, then your chickens are unhappy and are producing eggs that will taste average if not bad. But happy healthy chickens lay eggs which have bright orange egg yolk, crazy right?

So if you’re serious about learning how to build your own chicken coop so you can house some happy chickens that feed you, then you need to watch this video, it’s awesome.

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