Can You Really Get Fit In Only 7 Minutes A Day?

7-minute-workoutAccording to a multiple peer reviewed studies, doing something called High Intensity Interval Training can help to dramatically improve your overall health and well being.

How intense are these workouts? Well the goal is to push your body as far as it can go for a short period of time, but I’m talking to the absolute limits, putting everything you have into the workout.

Don’t worry though, as each interval lasts between 10-30 seconds.

Having said that you will most certainly feel the burn and those 10 seconds will feel like 10 minutes.

A recent app called the “7 minute workout” was launched and as you would imagine, it took the App Store by storm. But can you seriously get fit on only 7 minutes a day?

The answer is yes… but… and that’s a BIG BUT.

It’s recommended that you repeat the exercises shown in the app around 3 times. Completing three full circuits, which equates to around 20 minutes of working out.

But even 20 minutes is not bad at all right? You can fit that in to your morning, just before the day gets going.

What types of exercises can you expect to be doing?

There are 12 exercises in total and are designed to give you an all over body workout, without having to fork out for a gym membership that you probably wouldn’t use anyway.

1. Jumping jacks
2. Wall sit
3. Push-ups
4. Abdominal crunch
5. Chair step-ups
6. Squats
7. Chair triceps dips
8. Plank
9. High knees running in 1 spot
10. Lunges
11. Push-ups with rotation
12. Side planks

How much does the app cost?

It’s FREE… you pay nothing… nadda.

There’s even video tutorials to show you how to perform each exercise. Oh and if you get really good at doing the circuit and fancy a change, you can always buy the bonuses which include different exercises and more workout plans.

Click here to get the app on the iPhone and here to grab it on the Android.

The trick to losing weight and toning up is consistency, so if you’re going to download this app… make sure you USE IT. At least once per day will help you to build the habit. But the aim should be to use it twice per day, once in the morning and once before you go to bed, this will help you lose weight and tone up very fast.

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