4 Simple Steps For Dealing With Rejection

being-rejectedBeing rejected sucks.

Rejection comes from multiple areas of our lives, from dating and work, to family and even long time friends. Rejection will at some point catch up to you and you’ll have to deal with it then and there.

When you’re rejected, you feel like a fool. Your hands get all sweaty, the heart beats incredibly fast, you feel this gut wrenching feeling in the pit of your stomach. It’s a nightmare of a situation and one you really don’t want to repeat often.

But for some folks, rejection is worse than death.

The literally would prefer to die than to get rejection. Insane right?

Well yes and no, the mind plays wicked tricks on you that make you believe things are worse than they actually are.

Luckily for you, I have some awesome steps that you can take today that will get you feeling incredible about yourself and not down in the dumps.

1. Accept it – The first step is to accept that rejection is inevitable. So WHEN it happens, just brush it off as another thing that happened in your day, that’s not relevant or useful to think about.

2. Lose the fear – Stop being fearful of rejection. The fear will actually be worse than the actual rejection, so you’ll end up worrying constantly.

3. Don’t take it personally – By taking it personally, you’re accepting responsibility for the rejection, meaning you WANT it to happen. This is getting emotionally involved, which will always make you feel worse.

4. Focus on the positive – By focusing all your energy on the positive in your life, you will not give your negative thoughts a chance to take over your mind. You can use the elastic band technique to train your mind to think positively only.

If you are terrible with women and fear rejection, then I strongly suggest you watch this video right now.

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