Is Your Dog Sad When You Leave The House? Here’s How To Stop That

Dog Separation AnxietyIf you’re dog is crying when you leave the house, it’s because of something called “separation anxiety” and you need to deal with it today.

Separation anxiety is an extremely demanding behavioral issue that impacts a huge percentage of the dog population, potentially as high as 14 % experts have said. It is among the most misconstrued issues with individuals trying to treat it by approaching the problem from a human viewpoint and failing to see the cause.

The answer to stop separation anxiety is simple. Program your pet that you are the pack leader and they will respect you.

Let me explain everything in detail…

Recognizing that the following habits are symptoms is a start. They are as wide ranging as they are traumatic for the canine, however by treating them you are not treating the cause of the issue.

First ask yourself this concern: Does the behavior stop when you return? If so then I suggest that you being away for long periods of time is really connected to the cause. Lets have a look at a few of the crucial signs and symptoms.


Launches an endorphin just like the one released when a human is chewing gum in an attempt to remain calm, it’s a soothing pattern they fall into.

Barking, grumbling, wingeing

This is an instinctive call for the owners to go back to the pack, much like if you were to call your children when you cannot find them.

Breaking free when you are not there

Often extremely devastating, extreme and in some cases harmful. Your pet is searching for you. Many individuals are told to attempt and work out the problem, by locking the dog in an area of the house where they can’t escape, this just makes matters worse.

Digging damage

This is all connected to stressful and nervous behavior.


Extreme licking and chewing oneself due to nervousness. Excessive drooling is also a sign of anxiety. These are indicators that are frequently mistaken for being medical conditions however are all tension relevant.

Seeing or pooing everywhere

If your pet is toilet trained, but starts doing his or her business inside and you believe that it is behavioral then it could well be. If it is only taking place when your dog is far from you then it is most likely linked to your pet having separation anxiety.

Whilst there are great deals of locations that you can find suggestions on ways to treat all these signs and symptoms there is just one method to treat the reason for the problem. If you are serious about learning how to stop separation anxiety then you need to become the pack leader.

Separation anxiety is a very straight forward issue that happens when your canine thinks they are the pack leader and your are their young puppy or member of their pack.

In the wild, dogs do not go far from the den by themselves and your pets separation anxiety will certainly continue until you return to him or her. As soon as you reveal your dog that you are the pack leader they will be fine with you coming and going as you please.

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