5 Foods You Think Are Healthy… But Actually Are Really Bad For You

bad-foodsWipe that depressed look off your face son. If you’re eating any of the below foods then chances are you’re consuming more daily calories than your body requires and that means you’re a FAT BOY.

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1. Reduced fat peanut butter

Bad fats are taken out (this is a good thing, it’s the nasty stuff like saturated fat) but to maintain the flavour, sugar is added. Yep you read that right. Along with a whole host of other nasty ingredients that are massive contributing factors to your weight gain.

2. Diet soda

This is the biggest culprit in the dieting/food world. People believe that diet soda is better for you than regular full sugar soda. Well that’s true… but it’s still VERY bad for you. It promotes weight gain by using artificial sweeteners, which restrict the hormone in your body that controls blood sugar and blood pressure… eeeeeeek!

3. Trail mix

You know that big bag of natural dried fruits and nuts you find in the health stores? Well that bag is EVIL! One handful of trail mix can be up to 300 calories. What a waste. Because you need at least 3 handfuls to feel full up on this stuff. Stay away.

4. Vitamin C

If you take vitamin C in tablet form or chewable form, you should stop. The main ingredient in that stuff is absorbed acid which can lead to severe dental erosion and even depression.

5. All dried fruit

There is no such thing as healthy dried fruit. Only normal fruit is healthy. Dried fruit not only has three times the amount of calories than normal fruit has, sugar and sulphur are usually used to preserve the texture and taste of it.

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