5 Shortcuts For Getting Out Of The Friend Zone… Before It’s TOO LATE!


Quick… get out now!

You’ve been there and I’ve been there… the dreaded FRIEND ZONE… dun dun duuuuuuun.

Smoking hot beautiful chicks all over the world right now are sticking poor helpless guys like you and me in this horrible place. It’s worse than the naughty corner… it’s more depressing than being picked last in gym class, yet millions of guys go through the same pain every single year.

So how can you avoid this pussy free zone?


Yep, you read that right. I’m gong to show you the easiest ways to avoid the friend zone so that you can not only destroy any chance of ever being put there again, but also enjoy a life of sexual abundance… where YOU are the one who places girls in the friend zone… HA!

Sound good? Awesome, let’s do this…

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Shortcut #1: Break her comfort with you

When a woman is comfortable with you, I mean REALLY comfortable. This is disastrous. You have to break that comfort by doing what’s called “breaking rapport”. It means disagreeing with her every no and again, which spices up the conversation. This let’s her know that you’re not a zombie and you do have your own thoughts on things.

Shortcut #2: Don’t be a little bitch around her

Does she tell you to come to hers? Invite you out on shopping trips? Introduce you to her friends as “my friend”. Do you agree with her all the time? STOP THAT! Be a man around her, not a little bitch. Women need to be lead, feel secure and moist when they are with their man. They don’t want a younger brother that does shit for them.

Shortcut #3: Get with other chicks in front of her

Show her that you’re a boss by hooking up with other chicks right in front of her. If you go out clubbing together or drinking in bars, this is perfect. It shows her what she’s missing. Also the more you get with chicks the more high value you will seem, which is an attraction spiking tool.

Shortcut #4: Switch up your social media profiles

Stop posting pictures of you with your cat or a picture of your Starbucks cup with your name spelled wrong… you’re an idiot. Only post things on your social media accounts that are 1) funny 2) exciting 3) cool. You will get a ton of comments and women will immediately feel attraction for you when they see your life online. This will make her think differently about you… that’s social value bitch!

Shortcut #5: Change your style

Get yourself down the gym and work on that six pack. Also change up your style, start wearing clothes that are better fitting, well known brand names and get some decent shoes. Not only will you feel better about yourself, women will respond differently to you. Especially the girl you want to break out of the friend zone with.

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