The Top 10 Funniest Tinder Openers Of All Time…

Tinder is a great way to meet and smash horny women. Everyone knows that if you’re in need of a good seeing to and you’re a girl.. you get on Tinder and within about 5 minutes you’ll be bombarded with sexually aggressive men of all types in your area.

Today I want to show you what I consider to be the most funniest Tinder openers of all time. If they didn’t get laid from these openers then THAT my friend is a real shame.

Ok, let’s get into this…

1. I will make you RICH beyond your wildest dreams funny bun!


2. Poetry will get you very, very far with a woman who’s not to smart


3. Some girls are so easy to please. Oh dear.


4. Did she really just give her number out to that? F**k me!


5. LOL, guy is one funny dude.


6. He has balls of steal and lines of gold… pure GOLD!


7. What an absolute charmer


8. Just straight to the butt… no hi?


9. Bitch… you are DUUUUUUMB


10. Yo hood rat, who you callin brah son!


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