How To Approach Girls At Bars… Without Risking Rejection

hot-girl-at-barEver been in a bar and wanted to talk to a stunning girl, but never had the balls because you didn’t know what to say? No worries, we’ve all been there dude. In this post, I’m going to be revealing some very nifty techniques for walking up to any girl at a bar, opening her and creating attraction.

Before you get into this post, I think you need to watch this video. It’s a breakdown of how you can attract ANY woman you want, no matter how hot she is.

Things to understand before approaching

1. Approach when she has a full drink

You don’t want to ever approach a woman that is in the process of ordering a drink or she looks as though she’s coming to the end of her drink. The reason why is simple, you will feel pressured to buy her one (waste of money initially) and she could be ready to leave once finished. The ideal time to approach is when the transaction is complete, when she’s just paid and has a full drink.

2. Women don’t move when they have a full drink

The reason women don’t move when they have a full drink is because they are usually drinking wine or cocktails, which can be easily spilt. That’s why they will remain at the bar or find a table to drink it. If they look as though they are standing at the bar, perfect, you have around 15 minutes of interaction time before she’s thirsty for another, in which time you can be outta there.

3. Don’t open the cock-blocker

Never EVER open the cockblocker in the hope of talking to the girl you like. What will happen is the cockblocker will think you like her and so will the cute friend. The cute friend respects the cockblocker and thus won’t be interested in taking you away from her. So only ever approach the cute girl directly.

4. Busy bar? Don’t bother or find an opening

Busy bars are a complete waste of time, they are loud, people push past you and the tension is high. There’s no room to stand at the bar and chat without being harassed by someone who wants to jump in your spot to order a drink. If the bar is busy, either leave or wait for it to get less busy.

The process (It’s really simple)

1. Stand next to the girl you want to talk to

Stand directly next to the girl you want to approach, wait until the transaction is complete and she has her drink. Then open her with strong eye contact, open body language and a smile.

2. Tap her on the shoulder 3 times and deliver the opener

The open should involve you tapping her lightly on the shoulder three times. When she looks at you, say “Hey, I need you to settle this debate I’ve been having with a friend…”. Then proceed to make up an interesting random story and carry on building rapper.

Don’t forget to watch this video, it will change your life with women.

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