How To Cure Acne And Make Sure That It NEVER Comes Back

cure-acneAcne sucks. It’s something that is not only hereditary, but very aggressive. You can suffer from back acne, face acne and even chest acne. Not only does it look ugly, but it’s painful when the spots flair up, burst, bleed and cause monstrous rash’s.

Today I want to go into detail on how you can get rid of acne once and for all, with a diet cure. Now you may have been told by your doctor that diet is not the cure… he or she I’m afraid is wrong.

Let me explain why…

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Diet is the secret (or is it a myth?)

The dogmatic theory that diet does not trigger acne and that acne is simply an incurable genetic disorder was based upon 2 outdated researches released in 1969 and 1971 that were aimed at studying the connection between diet and acne.

These published researches were the foundation of the ‘acne signs and symptoms treatment technique’, since acne is a genetic condition that can not be avoided, the only method to deal with acne would be to tackle its signs and symptoms (bacteria, inflammation, puss, soreness, greasiness), by using creams, prescription antibiotics, taking prescription drugs and nonprescription.

Remarkably enough, years after the above researches were published, clinical trials and in depth looks into experimenting the acne diet link have actually found that the researches from 1969 and 1971 had incorrect conclusions and were in truth seriously flawed.

Recent research has actually plainly found a substantial connection in between diet plan and acne. It appears that the wrong diet is now thought to be among the leading acne contributing aspects that can negatively impact hormonal policy and the natural process of poisonous elimination, which can seriously aggravate one’s existing acne.

How to cure acne

There are 3 main things you need to do if you want to cure acne. Follow them to the letter and you will have clearer skin within weeks.

1. Quit sugar

Sugar is one of the most poisonous things you can put into your body and has zero nutritional value. When you consume sugar and suffer from acne, it causes the acne to flair up, because your skin is reacting to the chemical you’ve just consumed.

As sugar enters your body, it’s turned into Glucose which spikes your insulin, this freaks out your liver which causes excess hormones to be produced. One of those hormones is the production of sebum oil, this is VERY bad for your skin.

2. Quit Milk

Milk is another poison that millions of humans drink on a daily basis. What you don’t know is that milk helps to form mucus and rapid production of sebum oil in the body. In a nutshell milk aggravates your skin due to the hormones that are passed on through the milk from the cows themselves.

3. Get a colonic

Your lower intestines have been harvesting excess waste for years… did you know that? It’s impossible for your bowels to flush out all toxins and harmful bacteria naturally, which is why it’s highly recommended that you get a colonic. Colonics will wash away the bacteria that is causing your skin to be constantly irritated. Once you do this, you will start to see a dramatic change in the way your skin looks.

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