How To Get Stronger Erections Using 3 Simple Tricks

strong-erectionMale impotence is a MAJOR problem around the world. It’s an epidemic almost and not many health professionals know what the route cause is, which means all they can do is provide you with a pill that gets you hard and keeps you hard.

But what if there was a natural way to do things…

What if you could improve your erections with just a handful of simple techniques, would you be interested? Of course you would and you’d be mad if you said no!

Ok, so let’s get into it.

#1: Towel trick

Take a hot towel, which is the size of a napkin… so more like a flannel. Get your penis erect and place the towel on your penis. With all your might, try and pull your penis up and down (without using your hands) like a barbell curl you would do with your arm. The upwards and downwards motion will strengthen the base of your penis and your erections.

#2: Vitamin D

Scientists have recently discovered that if you take Vitamin D supplements you will see a significant difference in your erections within the first 30 days. That doesn’t just mean getting enough sun (unless you live in California and are out in the sunshine for more than 20 minutes a day).

Grab some supplements and start chowing them down so you can get your chap hard again.

#3: The jelq

Jelqing is an old school style of penis enlargement that has been around for centuries (some say since the Roman times, when it was created to lengthen the shaft of the penis). Basically all you do is this… after your shower in the morning, take your index finger and thumb, place it around the base of your penis and begin to pull downwards, until you reach the end of your penis.

Do this 50 times a day and you will be seeing strong erections in less than a week.

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