How To Jump Like LeBron James In 3 Simple Steps

How to jump higher

Jump like LeBron!

What’s the matter dude… can’t jump higher than a couple of feet?

Ah, that’s cool. Maybe you can give another sport a try.

Rowing? Fishing maybe?

Naw, screw that. You want to be able to jump like LeBron James son! The higher you can jump, the easier it is for you to dunk and the more likely you are to score a spot on the team.

But jumping is in the genes right? It’s all genetics?

Nope. Do you seriously think that pro basketball players just wake up and can jump like that? If you do then you’re wrong. LeBron James has even said himself that he trains using “vertical explosion” techniques. Basically a fancy term given to learning how to hump higher.

If you’d like to learn the same vertical explosion techniques that LeBron uses, then you need to watch this video.

There are 3 things you need to focus on if you want to jump higher.

#1 Weights

Using ankle weights will help you to build up the muscles in your legs and trick your mind to thinking you’re heavier than you are. So when you do jumping drills you will be building new muscle fibres and neural pathways in your brain. As soon as you take the weights off, you will notice a massive difference.

#2 Visualisation

Sports pros are famous for using visualisation techniques. Why? Because they work that’s why. Before you start practice, you need to take 5 minutes to mentally prepare yourself. Visualise yourself jumping higher than you’ve ever jumped before, run that same image over and over in your mind.

#3 Diet

Eating well is a big one. The better your diet is, the healthy and more flexible your body will become. This directly impacts your humping or vertical explosion drills. Cut out the carbs, sugar and dairy. Just focus on Vegetables and Fruit for the next 30 days and see how your jumping improves.

Again, if you’d like to jump as high as pro ball players do, I highly recommend you check out The Jump Manual. It was developed by a real coach who has trained thousands of people all over the world to jump higher.

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