How To Kickstart A Fulfilling Sex Life As A Man

hot-chick-on-bedMost men settle in life.

They settle for the drunk girl in the club…. or the average girl in their social circle and convince themselves that they are in love with her or that they can’t actually do better.

F**k that.

They are definitely settling.

Today I want to give you some simple actions that you can do starting today that will get your sex life off to an explosive start. If you apply them immediately, you WILL get laid… if you don’t you WON’T get laid. It’s as simple as that my friend.

Here we go…

NOTE: If you’re serious about getting laid. Then you NEED to watch this video.

1. Stop/approach every girl you are attracted to during the day

If you were to stick a Go Pro to your head and walk around as normal, I guarantee you there would be between 5 and 10 women that you find attractive walk by you, without you ever saying anything to them.

Most guys try to attract women in clubs, through friends or at parties. What if you stopped the girl you just saw walking out of Starbucks? Maybe you could be sleeping with her by next week, all because you had the balls to get her number in the day.

2. Care less about what people think

Stop caring about what others think of you. Did a girl look at you in a dismissive way after you approached her? Who cares, move on and approach the next girl. The more you care about other people thoughts… the more it will hold you back in life.

3. Up your fashion game

Fashion is essential these days for men. You can be a butt ugly guy and still look handsome if you engineer your looks properly. Grow some stubble, get a trendy haircut, by some new threads and kit yourself out with the latest look from head to toe.

4. Play the long game

Playing the long game basically means, not rushing things with one girl. But slowly building up trust with several girls at once. Say you get a girls number today, don’t aim to bang her next week. Aim to seduce her over several weeks. Then when you do end up banging her, you will have 5 other girls you’ve been doing the same thing too ready to bang also… it’s a snowball effect.

5. Build a solid social circle

Social circles are responsible for multiple lays. You can meet cool people, go to awesome parties, sleep with hot women and have the best times ever if you just focus on being around amazing people that care about you and want to have fun/progress in life.

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