How To Last Longer In Bed So You Don’t Pop Within Seconds

girl-in-bedThe last thing a woman wants when you’re having sex is to finish inside her within seconds of starting. It shows you have no self control, it kills any sexual attraction she had for you and it makes you look like a loser.

If you suffer from premature ejaculation and you want to do something about it, then you need to take note of what I’m about to say… because it’s pure f**king gold.

Ready? Let’s do this:

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1. Practice on a Fleshlight

Fleshlights are not just for the lonely, horny and pathetic man who can’t get a real woman so needs to resort to a sex toy. The are a brilliant tool for practicing your pumps and endurance, so that when you finally get a real woman you can last longer. There are ultra sensitive internal materials that modern day fleshlights come with that will really test your endurance skills.

2. Get circumcised

If you still have the hoodie on your cock, then you’re going to feel 100% of the sensation that the sex gods gave you. However for guys who have been circumcised, they feel far less sensitivity. So if you’ve tried all else and want a permanent solution you should get circumcised.

You can expect at least a 30% drop in sensitivity…. at least!

3. Wear a ‘long lasting’ condom

I know this is the least popular option because going bareback feels so good. But if you’re busting too early every single time, then you need a quick solution. Get yourself some ‘long lasting’ condoms which come with a special desensitising gel in the helmet part. This will rub on your mushroom tip and as you have sex, it will numb it, so you can last longer.

4. Go down on her first

Part of shooting too early is because you are overly excited, it’s a mental thing. Especially if you’re banging a girl that is way out of your league. So the best think you can do to mentally control yourself is go down on her first, because at least then if you bust too early when you’re having sex… at least you made her cum with your mouth, so you don’t need to feel as bad.

Plus you can penetrate her with your fingers too, so she’s still getting the best of both worlds… tongue and penetration.

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