How To Make A Vlog

vloggingVlogging is peaking right now… some might say it’s actually starting to stride, but there’s no question it’s bigger than it ever was. If you’ve ever wanted to be a celebrity, market your own brand or just do something creative that you enjoy… vlogging is the answer.

Some folks like this complicate things as they always do, by saying that you need various things before you can get started. But all you really need are the basics.

#1 – Camera

The most obvious piece of equipment you need is a camera which will allow you to film all of your vlogging exploits. Now before you start screaming at the screen, saying things like “I don’t have the money for a camera”. You can seriously start on a low budget these days.

Invest in a second hand camera if you need to. The most important thing is that you START! The cheapest camera you can get that is considered very good for vlogging is the Sony Cybershot camera.

Once you get the hang of it and you want to upgrade, then you can find more expensive fancier cameras that are good for the job.

#2 – Software

You can have ZERO editing skills and still make a kick ass blog. You can also spend nada on the actual software itself. For example here’s a list of the top free video editing apps out right now. Just download one, upload your footage and start editing. The most important thing to remember is that you’re telling a story about yourself, so keep that in mind when shooting the footage.

#3 – Social media

After you have your footage and you’ve brushed it up in your editing software. Now you need to use social media which will allow others to watch it, share it and subscribe to you. First things first… signup for a You Tube account. Make it look nice and fill in everything you need.

Then when you have that done, setup a Twitter and Instagram account. Lastly, get a Facebook fan page and you’re all set. You don’t even need a blog, just use You Tube for now.

That’s it!

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