How To Make Women Approach You And Want To Date You

hot-women-confidenceLet me ask you three simple questions… and I want you to be BRUTALLY honest, ok?

Cool, here we go…

1. When you have sex with women, do they moan, groan and scream with pleasure?
2. When you’re out with your buddies, do women approach you?
3. Do women ask you if you want to have sex with them… when you don’t even know them?

If you answered no to all of those questions, then you’re going to love what I have for you today in this article. By the time you’re done reading, you’re going to know EXACTLY why you’re not saying “Erm… yes of course bro!” to each of the questions above.

Let’s do this.

The reason why women aren’t approaching you, begging you to sleep with them and having mind blowing orgasms every time you have sex, is because you have an inner voice that is crushing EVERYTHING you do.

You know, that voice which says things like “she’s so hot… but she won’t like you” or “I wish I could sleep with that girl, why am I such a dork!”

Thinking I’m joking? Nope, I’m not.

Studies have shown that the inner voice which shouts negative thoughts at you all day every day, is contributing to your actions. Meaning that you are reinforcing your beliefs every time that voice says you’re not good enough, which leads to you NOT bettering yourself.

For example…

Let’s say you’re in a coffee shop and you see a smoking hot chick ordering a skinny-frappy-crappy-vanilla-bullshit… and you think to yourself… “holy crap she’s hot”. There’s a part of you that will feel the urge to talk to her, that’s the part of you that you SHOULD listen to.

However the voice that always seems to win is the negative one, which will say something like “Woah… don’t be silly, you don’t know what to say and she’s waaaaay out of your league, forget it”.

Why does it win all the time? Because you’re literally brainwashing your mind with negative thoughts.

How do you think champions win at anything? They have coaches that reinforce positive beliefs into their mind… “you can do this!” or “you’re a champion!!”.

Ok so what happens if you get rid of that inner voice or at least shut it up for hours on end?

Your life will change DRAMATICALLY in the most profound ways.

Everything that you do will be reinforced by your new positive mindset… this has a knock on affect with all your actions.

  • You will start thinking you’re a rock star in the bedroom and this will translate into AMAZING sex.
  • You will have women approaching you, because you’re giving off a confidence that is so attractive they just can’t resist it.
  • You will have girls initiating sex with YOU… this is the most mind blowing thing of all. No more chasing them!

Basically, every area of your life will become incredible if you implement just this one thing.

Cool, so how do you do it exactly? How do you shut this voice off?

I’m glad you asked. Watch this video and learn the secrets to mind control.

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