How To Read Women’s Minds And Get Laid (Works 99% Of The Time)

mind-readingWomen love mystery, spontaneity, magic and all the the other crap men don’t give a hoot about. This is why you see women going to psychics, reading up on their star signs and always believing that destiny will lead them to Mr. Right.

So what if there was a way to plant a seed in her mind… a seed that made her think you were the one. Or maybe a seed that made her want to f**k your brains out 10 minutes after meeting her for the first time.

Would you plan that seed?

If you answered yes, then you’re not alone. Most guys would, if they knew how.

Just imagine for a second, being able to read a woman’s mind. By knowing what she was thinking, you could make her feel a level of attraction that she has never felt before.

Well it’s totally possible dude. I’ve been able to sleep with 30 girls in the past 4 months, all from using one trick I found in this guide. It’s a mentalists guide to reading people’s minds. The guy that created it, wanted to expose how fraudsters use it to take your money by posing as psychics, but some guys (including me) are using it to make women crave sex with them.

It works by using cold reading techniques (obviously, there are no real mind reading techniques out there) which everyone can do and the better you get at it, the more people think you are a magic man sent from space.

So if you want to get laid by reading a woman’s mind, then you should watch this video… right now.

Trust me when I say that ZERO guys are using this in the real world (well maybe a handful) but most normal guys have no clue that you can use this stuff on women to get laid. Which is why it’s the perfect tool for picking up girls.

You don’t need any cheesy pickup lines, you don’t need to spend thousands on dates and you don’t need to be super good looking. It’s all in the mind baby!

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