How To Remember EVERYTHING Using These 5 Memory Techniques

improve-your-memoryI don’t know about you, but I forget almost everything. I constantly forget how to remember things, but today I want to show you a bunch of techniques that I got from this program which have completely changed the way my mind works. They are pretty amazing.

1. Focus

Focus on what you need to do in the moment, which is remembering something. Take a timer (either an egg timer or your smartphone timer) and set it for 5 minutes. You’re going to take this time to memorise what you need.

2. File

Files are basically objects or places you can attach a memory or “thing” to in your mind. For example, let’s use your living room. Take the TV, the couch, the cabinet, coffee table, mantel piece etc and use those as your filing system to help you remember everything on your list.

3. Picture

Take the thing you want to memorise and now partner that with the object in your living room (still using your living room as the file example). Let’s take the TV first and say you are memorising a list of fruits. The first fruit may be a banana. Take an image of a banana in your mind and move onto the glue…

4. Glue

With the banana image in your mind, you now need to use an action and emotion to solidify that memory in your head. Imagine throwing the banana at the TV, then using your hand to smoosh it all over the TV. Now move onto the next object… a coffee table maybe. Now the next fruit in your list, a strawberry. Take that strawberry and imagine squeezing it all over the coffee table… maybe even throwing multiple strawberries at the coffee table.

5. Review

Once you’ve gone through each thing on your list, you now need to review each item forwards and backwards until the 5 minutes run out. Keep repeating the images in your head again and again. This is how you remember anything you want.

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