How To Win A Street Fight In Less Than A Minute

Like what you see? Learn how to street fight here.

Most people don’t know this (especially guys) but you can absolutely win a street fight in less than a minute… yes only 60 damn seconds son!

How?! Easy, you need to learn how to dodge the punch.

Before you say “Oh man, that’s so lame…” watch the video above and you’ll see just how effective quick head movements are in a street fight.

Men have egos and they think that by being a badass and learning how to punch is the best way to win a street fight… WRONG MUDAFACKKKAAAA!

By bobbing and weaving correctly, the guy trying to punch you will get tired very quickly. 99% of guys are not trained pros and don’t regularly go to the gym, so their cardio fitness is dog shit. Meaning they will get tired VERY quickly, most cases under a minute.

After about 45 seconds of trying to punch you and them being out of breath, you can take them down with either 1 punch or you can grab their head and pull them down to the ground.

Simple right? No broken knuckles, minimal bruising and a very quick win for you.

Want to become a smarter fighter? One that can knock out any guy and win fight quickly? If so, then you need to check this out.

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