The 3 Laws For Running Faster…Even If You Are Slower Than A Turtle

run-fasterHow would you like to run faster on track day? I’m talking ridiculously fast… Usain Bolt fast! Even if you are slower than a freakin turtle, once you learn the laws I’m about to share with you, running slow will be a thing of the past dude.

Firstly, let’s get one thing straight.

If you’d like a crash course on running faster, then I highly recommend the Kinetic Revolution manual. It’s known as the holy grail of running techniques and is used to help runners just like you gain an advantage on the track, in only a few short weeks.

Anyway, let’s get onto the good stuff:

Law #1 – Watch your leg swing

Most people focus on tilting their head so they get more of a gravitational push when running. However one of the key contributing factors for running damn fast is the leg swing. Too small and you’ll drag, too fast and you’ll risk injury.

Law #2 – Adjust your posture

Did you know that by straightening you back during running, you can increase your average speed by up to 3 seconds? That means you can shave 3 seconds off a hundred metre sprint just by straightening your back.

Law #3 – Stride patterns

Your stride can impact your speed greatly if it’s too big. Think you can match the stride of an olympic athlete? Think again big man, you need to create a stride pattern that matches the dimensions of your legs, to get the best propulsion.

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