How To Pickup Beautiful Women On Facebook Without Any Effort… Works Like Magic

get-girls-on-facebookFacebook is the largest social network online. You know what this means right? Millions of women all ready for the picking!

There are guys on Facebook right now using a secret system that has them receiving emails from smoking hot women all day long, without them having to do anything.

How exactly?

Well they use a series of techniques involving their photos, videos, status updates and the structure of their profile to make them appear WAAAAAYYYYYYYY more attractive than 99% of other guys. When they see their profile, they feel compelled to click it, then even more compelled to email them.

I want to give you some tips today that will help you actively search for hot women and befriend them. But if you’d like to just sit back and do nothing… yet still have hoards of women message you EVERY DAY, then you need to see this.

Step 1: Change your photos

Look through your photos… and imagine you’re a girl. What are your thoughts are you scroll through each photo? What kind of message does it convey? You need to be showing women that you’re strong, confident, manly, popular, cool and care free. Ditch the drunk photos of you and your friends all butt naked on holiday, they won’t get you anywhere.

Step 2: Only post funny or entertaining status updates

The aim of Facebook here is to get women, look through your past updates…. are they boring? Do they mention religion, politics or you moaning about work? Then get rid of them and only post things that are funny, interesting or entertaining.

Step 3: Be clever with your account

Make sure that you untag yourself from ridiculous photos that make you look bad, lock your wall so that people can’t post crap on there and don’t post anything negative on other people’s wall.

If you follow those three steps you’ll be well on your way to having an account that women will love. But if you want the fast track, then you should click here.

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