5 Tricks For Making Mega Money As A Professional Blogger… In Your Spare Time

john-chowPro bloggers like John Chow have been known to make as much as $30,000 per month on a consistent basis, all with the power of affiliate marketing. They are able to pull in this amount of money, not from buying a ton of traffic or even working their ass off. It’s from using a set of blogging tricks that anyone can learn.

Just imagine being able to work on a project in your spare time that brings in more money every month than you currently bring in with your day job by working 8 or more hours a day. Is that something you might want to happen, like really soon? Haha, exactly!

Below are some tricks that the pros use and advocate novice bloggers use too. If you want to get into blogging on a full time basis and love the idea of making money from a blog, then you should check out this blogging course.

1. Outsource your content

Everyone always thinks that you need to right a crap load of content to get your blog off the ground. That’s nuts! If this were true then you would need to create content everyday and that means researching / writing for at least 5 hours every single day. No thanks.

The key to getting quality content is to accept guest posts from qualified writers and to hire content writers yourself who are willing to create outstanding blog posts for $25 or less.

2. Focus on a niche

Don’t write about everything, this will quickly make you feel overwhelmed and you’ll be more likely to procrastinate. Choose a nice and focus on that niche until you conquer it. For example, if you’re into weight loss, then focus on weight loss for men or women, maybe weight loss when you’ve had a baby or you’re getting ready for a wedding day.

3. Hide your affiliate links

Some people are funny about affiliate links, they feel like they are spammy or something. Cloak all your affiliate links so that they are pretty and don’t look strange, you know with the >$£%& looking symbols in them.

4. Target big bloggers / guest post

In your niche, there will be big bloggers who are already established. Their site will be years old, they will have thousands of followers, hundreds of posts and they pull in decent traffic. You NEED to guest post on their blog if you want to grow your audience. Just one guest post on their site can grow your audience by thousands of people quite literally overnight.

5. Build an email list from day 1

Building an email list is the number one way of building trust with your subscribers, creating a loyal fan base and making money in the long term. The day you launch your blog, add a newsletter opti-n box to your side bar and go from there.

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