7 Brain Hacks Designed To Give You Superman Confidence

Superman Self Confidence

Want confidence like this guy?

Do you suffer from self esteem issues? Does your lack of self confidence stop you from living the life you REALLY want to live? Are you scared to approach women because you’re terrified of rejection?

Don’t worry man, we’ve all been there.

Gaining self confidence is a sucky process, but it’s essential if you want to have an awesome life. You see being a confident man will not only make you better with chicks, it will help you make more money, meet cool people, do exciting things and live a life that most would be jealous of.

Below are 7 brain hacks which have been proven to help you improve your self confidence in a ridiculously easy way… damn fast too.

Before I get into them though. If you’re serious about getting the kind of confidence that women go nuts for… ya know the confidence that makes them wet between the legs. Then you need to check out Stealth Attraction. This program was created by a world renowned seduction expert who shows you how to boost your confidence whilst getting laid like a freakin rockstar.

Right then, let’s get stuck in…

1. Understand your strengths and weaknesses

We all have strengths (stuff that we’re good at) and weaknesses (stuff we are crap at). But what most people do which is actually detrimental to their self confidence is, they shy away from their weaknesses. Meaning when they have to face their fears and do something they aren’t good at, their confidence takes a knock.

Don’t do this! You need to face your fears and turn your weakness into your strengths. By doing this you will gain a massive bump in confidence.

2. Visualise yourself being a badass

Professional sports stars use visualisation techniques just as much as they exercise or train. Why? Because it works. Scientists have proven that by visualising yourself being more confident, your brain cannot tell the difference between real life and visualisations in your head! So the more you visualise yourself being confident the more you WILL become confident in reality. Cool huh?

3. Don’t dwell on the bad

By focusing on the bad in your life, you waste energy and rapidly deplete your confidence levels. It’s important that you try your hardest to focus on the positive in your life. Everything good that happens to you, store that in your mind so you can access it later. Every time something bad happens, forget it as quickly as you can.

4. Be more spontaneous… embrace everything

Getting off your ass and doing something new, will give you an instant buzz. This buzz is something that you want to keep feeling, because it leads to you feeling good and that translates into more confidence. So write a list of 100 things you want to try and do which is brand new, that you haven’t done before. Then do whatever you can to conquer that list!

5. Hang around positive people

The easiest way to boost your confidence is by being around folks that are naturally positive, upbeat and only focus on happy things. I’m not talking about crazy nut cases, but normal people who are just happier in life than the negative people you have certainly come across before. The scary thing is that you slowly become what you’re around most. So if you’re around happy, confident people… you will slowly become that too.

6. Dress in nice clothes

You know that feeling you get when you put on a fresh pair of kicks or you get a new jacket? It’s like you’ve been injected with a dose of confidence. Do what you can to dress nicely, switch your style up… maybe where things that you haven’t worn before. Go to a stylist and spend some money on a new wardrobe, I promise you your confidence will skyrocket, almost instantly.

7. Destroy any negative thoughts immediately

Whenever you have a negative thought in your head, which in all honesty will be a handful of times a day… snap out of it… literally. What I mean is, grab a rubber band and stick it around your wrist. The very moment you think something negative, snap the band. This will create a new habit and neuro pathway in your brain that says “When I think of something negative, I feel pain… so I’m not going to think negative thoughts anymore”.

Again, if you’re in need of a drastic confidence boost. I highly recommend you take a look at Stealth Attraction, you’ll be shocked at the techniques this guy teaches.

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