Top 5 Over Ear Headphones of 2014: Audiophiles Beware… These Are Insane!

Looking for a pair of headphones to replace your tired old ones? Here’s a list of the top over ear headphones of 2014 so far. There were a lot to choose from so make sure you do your research before shelling out the big bucks.

1. Sennheiser Momentum On-Ear

These little beauties not only look very cool, they are SOOOOO freakin comfortable it’s ridiculous. Not to mention the sound quality is superior and beats some of the most popular over ear headphones on the market right now.

2. Philips Fidelio X2

Slick batman looking headphones that ready pack a punch when you have them on. They are incredibly comfortable and I had no problem wearing them for 8 hours at a time without feeling any aching ears. Price tag is a little steep, but the sound is amazing.

3. Bose SoundTrue

If you’re main concern is sound quality, then you should get these. Bose are the leaders when it comes to squeezing the most amount of quality out of any headphones they produce. The style is sleek and they are so light it’s madness.

4. Beats by Dre Studio

These headphones sound like you’re in the studio with the artist. They live up to the price tag when it comes to that, however they look a little robotic and dated in my eyes. If sound trumps design for you, then go for these over any of the others.

5. V-MODA Crossfade LP

Boom… these are just magical on your ears. Design is a little quirky, but the sound is pure quality, from the bass all the way to the treble. They also fold up into a near little ball shape, so you can pack them into your case when you travel or wear them on your belt when you’re walking.

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