Top 4 Gizmos Of 2014 That Will Help You Lose That Beer Belly

Health and fitness have always been a big deal, but these days it’s a SERIOUS deal, with apps, gadgets and gizmos flooding the tech scene in an attempt to make us faster, stronger, fitter and thinner.

Below are the top 3 fitness gizmos out on the market now all designed to help you lose weight, live longer and feel healthier. If you want to jump on the old health wagon… now is a better time than any dude.

fitbit-bandFitbit Flex Wireless Activity Tracker & Sleep Wristband

If you’re into tracking every aspect of your life, from sleep to calories then the FitBit band is the perfect fitness gadget. It’s an all in one activity tracker, so you can analyse how healthy your current lifestyle is.

Features include steps taken during the day, distance traveled, calories burned, quality of sleep, water resistant so you can wear it in the shower, smartphone syncing to see your data on all devices… the list goes on.

withings-smart-scalesWithings Smart Body Analyzer

Throw out that old clunky bathroom scales and bring in this bad boy. The smart body analyzer from Withings is a very precise body measurement tool that takes your body fat, heart rate and muscle mass into account when you step on it. Pretty sweet huh? Now you can keep track of your actual body fat percentage and reach your goals quicker.

ispo2-iosISpO2 Pulse Oximeter

Need to know what your pulse rate and blood oxygen levels are? Probably not unless you’re a serious health freak.

But these are great to know if you want to fully understand how fast your body burns fat. Forget the trip to the doctors, just plug this little beauty into your iPhone and boom… all the blood and oxygen readings you need in seconds.

You’ll be able to track just how high your VO2 max levels are which translates into how fit you are, based on the amount of oxygen your blood cells carry. Higher VO2, means better fitness.

wattbikeThe Wattbike

If you’re goal is to turn your body into a fat burning furnace then you need one piece of cardio equipment that will take you into a whole different zone. The Wattbike is THE best spinning bike on the planet.

Not only does it help you to create a metabolism that most people would be jealous of, it also measures the amount of energy you are outputting. Why do you need to know this? Because it helps you to better understand how much fat you’re melting off your body, meaning you can do shorter workouts and still burn as much fat as a longer workout.

Note: Some of the tech used in these gadgets are still in the early stages of development, so they may not be 100% accurate yet but the kinks are being worked on constantly to create life changing technology.

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