3 Ways To Turn Any Girl On INSTANTLY (Don’t Use These If You Can’t Handle Aggressive Sexual Women)

turned-on-womanCan you handle an aggressive woman? I mean a woman so turned on that she jumps you the moment you come back from the toilet. This can be in a bar, in a restaurant… anywhere. The point is, you need to be a REAL MAN about this. Because if you can’t handle a sexually charged woman then leave this page now.

Before I get into the techniques below, I want to make you aware of something. These are techniques used by the worlds best seducers, if you think you need to brush up on your seduction skills with the ladies, then you should watch this video… it will blow your freakin mind!

1. Talk about sex subtly

Believe it or not, most men avoid talking about sex to women because they are scared of screwing things up. But if you do it in the right way, then you’ll turn her on very quickly. Saying things like “What’s the most exciting place you’ve ever had sex” will get her imagining sleeping with you and will make her wet.

2. Touch her regularly

Being tactile with a woman is one of the best ways to not only skip the friend zone, but it’s also amazing at creating a sexual tension in the room between you both. By touching her throughout your conversation, she will get used to you, which leads to trusting you more and that leads to her feeling comfortable…. sexy time.

3. Test her and keep pushing

Some women are more sexual and open than others, so it’s important to test how comfortable she is with you talking about sex and most importantly touching her. If she’s comfortable with you touching her on the arm, try her waist… if she likes that, then touch her lower back and bum. Kiss her neck and keep pushing until you feel she’s uncomfortable, then pull back.

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