The Velocity Secrets To Throwing A Fast Ball (Gain 5-10MPH)


Throw faster bro!

Most guys who get into baseball end up throwing around 75 to 85MPH which is fine. But if you want to get into the major leagues, then that’s just not going to cut it.

To play with the big boys you need to be throwing at least 90MPH for any type of coach to notice you. But how the hell do you get to that point without some kind of a miracle?

Easy… you use the techniques outlined in 3X Pitching.

This course has helped thousands of seasoned baseball players add at least 5 (and in some cases 10MPH) to their fast ball. Regardless of genetics, age or how much they work out.

It’s not genetics

It’s so easy to just blame genetics. I mean, sure some guys are born taller, more muscular, have better fibre twitches which lead to a natural fast ball. But genetics are NOT enough. I guarantee you that you can and WILL out throw a “genetically gifted” ball thrower inside of 4 weeks with this system.

Age does not matter

You can be 17 or 47, your age is not a concern when it comes to learning how to throw the ball better. Providing you don’t have any serious health problems and you keep yourself in relatively good shape, you can easily throw a 90MPH ball well into your 50’s.

Weights are not enough

A lot of folks believe that weights are the key to throwing faster… more muscles equals a stronger arm which equals a faster ball leaving your hand right? WRONG. Not only will lifting weights slow your fast ball down, it will also increase your chances of experiencing a blow out and we all know that’s a career stopper right there!

So if you’re serious about throwing a fast ball, then check out this video right now.

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