Why Women Reject You And How To Stop It From Happening Again

girl-looking-meanIf you’ve ever approached a woman, then chances are you’ve been rejected more than once. It’s frustrating, depressing, annoying and really has a direct impact on your confidence.

So how can you stop it from happening? Well I’ll get into that in a moment, but first, let’s discuss why you are getting rejected…

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1. You look creepy

Women don’t like creepy looking men, it really freaks them out. They’ve had their dad brainwash them over many years about how they need to watch out for men, rape, axe murderers etc… so women are always super cautious. So if you’re hanging around them, staring awkwardly, fidgeting and generally just looking creepy, you will get rejected.

2. You look like a sales person

If you’re in the street and you approach a woman, if it’s in a busy area, they could mistake you for a sales rep or charity person. This happens when you approach them in a needy fashion.

3. You opened with zero confidence

Confidence is the key to opening. Without it, you will come across as creepy and needy (1 and 2). With it, you can stop almost any woman in almost any situation. If she rejected you it’s most likely because you were a pussy when opening.

4. Your style is horrible

Chicks dig style and if you’re dressed like a 90’s dude, then you’re going to get some funky looks. Obviously women care more for humour and banter than they do style, but seriously, style can make a huge impact on your game and can cause rejection in some cases.

Ok, so now we have the WHY you got rejected part out of the way. Let’s move onto the HOW to stop it from happening again part…

1. Stop/Open her with certainty

When you stop a girl in the street or you open her in the bar, you need to stop her with absolute certainty. What this means is in your mind, you are 100% sure she will be open to talking to you and that she will not reject you.

2. Look her in the eyes

Eye contact shows you are confident and it builds rapport… not to mention sexual tension. The better you get at eye contact, the less rejection you will get in the long term.

3. Fix your style

Like I said, style is important. You need to look good if you want to feel good and in turn not get rejected. Get a stylist to kit you out with the latest haircut, clothes and accessories, then watch the women flock.

4. Touch her properly

Learn how to use kino. This is important because it helps to build trust and rapport. The better and more comfortable you get at touching women, the less rejection you will get. I can promise you that.

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