How To Write A Super Funny Best Man Speech In 30 Minutes Or Less

best-man-speechIf you’ve been given the opportunity to be a best man for your buddy at his wedding then you have somewhat of a large responsibility.

After you’ve gotten over the high of being asked… the reality will set in and you’re thoughts might resemble “Holy shit… I need to write a whole f**king best man speech”.

Once you’ve gotten over the shock of you realising what it is you need to do in front of hundreds if not thousands of people, take a moment to sit down and go through the following tips for creating a kick-ass best man speech in 30 minutes or less (seriously).

1. Structure

Structuring your speech is the best thing you can do so that you don’t get writers block later. Start by firing up a word doc and begin entering the following: Welcome guests, address bride and groom, talk about past together (you and the groom), the future with his new wife, address the rest of the night.

2. Timer

Now take your smartphone or an egg timer and set 20 minutes. This is the time you’re going to use to write the entire speech, without stopping in the next step. It’s very cool.

3. Freeflow

Free flow writing is the art of writing something in a short space of time, without thinking about what you’re writing or worrying about the spelling mistakes that occur along the way.

Once the timer starts, go to each section you laid out in the structure above and then begin writing everything that comes to mind. A beer can come in handy at this point because you’re way more loose in the mind and will be funnier.

4. Cleanup

After the 20 minutes is up. Take the next 10 minutes cleaning up the speech, injecting humour into places that need more bounce and removing any spelling errors that shouldn’t be there.

5. Rehearse

The last step is all about rehearsing so that when you’re going this in front of everyone, you won’t need to keep looking at the paper. You can use queue cards if you like or just a single piece of paper with bullet points, totally up to you.

If you’d like to learn more about writing a killer best man speech, then you should check this guide out.

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