2 Types Of Food That Could Be Killing You Faster

heart-diseaseMore and more studies are coming out in modern times which are proving that these two foods that I’m about to share with you are linking directly to cancer, obesity and heart disease.

In fact they are linked to 15 of the 16 most common types of death in the US! So pay attention and listen up, because what I’m going to tell you today could possibly save your life and could even help you to add 20+ more years onto your life!

Before I get into it though, I want you to promise me something… you won’t whatever you do become all childish about these bad foods and dismiss them straight away without first doing your own research. Do you promise?

Ok, let’s move on then.

1. Red Meat

I can hear the sigh of pain right now… “Aarrrrgh no, don’t tell me that I need to give up red meat!”. Well not exactly. I mean yes giving up red meat entirely might be a good idea, especially with the supporting evidence showing red meat to be such a high rick food these days.

However you don’t NEED to give it up entirely. But you certainly need to cut down by at least 80%, so you should be treating each meal with red meat as a luxury. I’d say once every two weeks would be a good start.

Do you know how your red meat is prepared, slaughtered, packaged? Have you got any idea what is in the meat? So why would you eat it so much. It’s madness.

2. Dairy

Cheese, milk, butter, cream… all dairy based products that are artery clogging foods. Not only does your blood clog up the more you eat dairy, your chances of heart disease increase massively. I know what you’re thinking “But dairy is high in protein, it’s got calcium which builds strong bones too!”.

Yes, you’re right it does. But so does leafy greens, in fact 1 cup of spinach has more calcium that a pint of milk. Also The protein you think you need, is actually meant for baby calves. Oh and in modern factory produced cows milk, you’re getting both man made antibiotics and mother natures antibiotics which are causing you to have an overdose of growth hormones in your body.

And there you have it! The two types of foods that are going to kill you quicker than you think. Start taking your diet seriously.

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