The Ultimate Formula For Texting Girls So They ALWAYS Text You Back

how-to-text-girlsHave you ever chatted up a stunner, got her number after hours of work, text her straight after you left the club… maybe even the next day and you NEVER get a reply?

Man that sucks! Yet every guy has been there.

Below is a formula that I use to get girls to not only text me back, but to get so turned on that they are begging me to come over to their place.

The formula explained…

Before we get into the formula, I want you to watch this video. It’s going to show you how to become a texting master in just a few days.

1. Make her laugh with the first text

Most men (yes including you) send the same boring sh*t message to women when they first get their number. Something like “hey girl, how’s it going?”.

They do this out of fear because they don’t want to screw things up and because they have no idea what women want. You need to make her laugh in the first text. Something like “Hey guess what?!?! I know how to keep an idiot in suspense!!!”

2. Build comfort so she trusts you

When a girl trusts you, she will meet up with you and eventually sleep with you. Until then she’ll just treat you like every other guys, a friend. To gain her trust you need to keep sending her funny texts, photos of funny things you see like a sad dog in a pert shop for example. Things that will make her think of you.

3. Build that sexual tension

Sexual tension is key for getting her thinking about having sex with you. To do this, simply drop sexual words in every now and again. Like “Oh stop it you naughty girl… actually keep going”.

4. Meet up without an agenda

The first meet up should always be casual. You can either meet with her and her friends (and your friends) or you can meet for a coffee. The goal her is to still gain trust and keep you on her mind.

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