This Guy Makes $547 Per Day On His Cellphone?

mobile-moneyMost people have the dream of making enough money from the internet to quit their day job for good… you no, the kind of money that allows you to say “f**k you boss!”.

But there’s a guy online that’s blowing up right now and I’m talking more buzz than a freakin bee hive.

He’s getting a lot of attention because he’s worked out how to make $547+ on auto-pilot… every day… from his… wait for it….


Yep, he doesn’t even own a laptop, he has a mobile phone and an internet connection… THAT’S IT!

So what does he do?

Well he does affiliate marketing, but through mobile specific pages that promote products through the most popular sites online. Things like Amazon, eBay etc.

He buys ads, people click on those ads, go through to the sales page and then buy the product.

Once they buy the product, you get a big fat commission.

Now because a crazy amount of people in the world are now using mobile phones (21% currently to be precise) and not a lot of marketers are using mobile advertising, you have a better chance at succeeding than with normal desktop marketing.

If you’d like to learn how to make money online through mobile marketing, you should check out a program called My Mobile Money Pages.

Just think about it for a second.

You’re sitting in the coffee shop with your friend chatting away, then PING! You get an email saying “Congratulations, you’ve just made $32 commission!”. You can’t beat that feeling.

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