3 Proven Tips For Improving Your Golf Swing Instantly… No Joke


Hit like one of the greats…

If you’re an avid golf player and then you know exactly how hard it is to tee off with a great first swing. The more accurate your swing, the less time it will take you to win a game.

But obviously that’s easier said than done, so how do you improve your golf swing?

Simple, so simple it can be explained with just 3 tips…

But before you read these tips, I highly recommend you watch this video on how to develop a monster swing. It’s super simple, but deadly when you use it on the gold course.

1. Focus on the grip

You should be griping the club with your fingers mostly, followed by resting the grip in the palms of each hand. Most people tend to palm the whole club grip and this gives a rigid feel to your swing, as opposed to a fluid swing if the grip is within your fingers.

2. Keep the club square

The club should align directly with your body, so imagine a line that passes from your head to the ground, then position the gold club in alignment with that imaginary line. Now you will be able to direct the ball more easily and with less power when hitting the ball.

3. Loosen your wrists

When swinging your club, the looser your wrists are, the harder you will drive the ball down the green. It doesn’t even matter if you’re using all your might to plough that ball, if your wrists are firm… it will go nowhere.

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