3 Proven Methods For Burning Insane Amounts Of Fat In 20 Minutes Or Less A Day


Strip that fat!

Put on a little weight recently and not sure how to lose those love handles? Well fat loss can be a bitch, it’s really hard to lose weight and it feels like nothing seems to work, no matter how much you can lift or how long you run on the treadmill bro!

But here’s the thing, most guys make the same mistakes over and over again which cause them to not only stay the same weight, but actually gain weight over time. Arrgghhhh!

So what if I told you that there has been a handful of recent scientific breakthroughs that not only allow you to burn more fat in less time but also burn fat while you SLEEP!

Yep, whilst you’re dreaming of that Arni body in bed, these methods are actually helping you burn more calories. Crazy right?!

Ok so let’s get onto the methods:

WAIT!: Before you read on, make sure you watch this short presentation on rapid fat loss.

Method 1: Blast a cardio workout in the morning

Fat loss experts reckon that if you exercise first thing in the morning on an empty stomach you will spike your fat loss results for the rest of the day. If you can’t get down the gym early, then make sure that when you do, you haven’t eaten for a full 3 hours before.

Method 2: Do HIIT workouts

Back in the day, people used to worry about working out for hours at a time to burn those calories. But experts are saying that you can burn more calories in a 20 minutes workout than an hour long workout just by using the right intensity. That means you need to reach 85%+ max heart rate 5 short intervals during 20 minutes. So short bursts of all out sprinting.

Method 3: The 25% carb/zero sugar rule

Carbs aren’t your friend and sugar is your worst enemy. Make it a plan to reduce your carb intake to 25% a day and have a zero tolerance to sugar for 6 days of the week. You’ll see a dramatic shift in body fat over the course of a month.

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