How To Take Photos Like An Expert Photographer In A Few Short Weeks

how-to-take-a-photoMost people (including me) suck at taking photos. They think that by taking a photo on their iPhone and filtering the crap out of it, so it comes out looking half decent, that they are photography Jedi masters.

The truth is, they are just relying on the filters and not their own skill. Today I want to give you a few masterclass tips on how to take a better photo, so you can (if you wanted to) end up selling them for a nice chunk of change. Of course, you could just take photos as a hobby instead… up to you 🙂

If you are one of the serious folk and want to master photography quickly, then I suggest you watch this video.

1. Creative Side:

This side consists of all that “artsy” things. It also has compositional methods and producing a meaning and utilizing an individual design.

2. Technical Side:

The technical side is utilizing shutter speed, aperture, iso settings, etc

Ok, here’s the low down with these two faces. Without one you do not have a face (or an image). And if you’re truly bad at one face then no matter how beautiful the one face is, the face will end up looking unsightly total.

As much as I wish to teach you the basics of both faces in this post, I just can not as it’s a little too much to get into. But I’ll show you some standard “compositional” strategies to taking better shots.

3. Avoid the Middle of the Image!

Many individuals take images with the subject dead center. Try to not do this anymore unless you truly want this. Attempt putting the topic to the left, the right, the top, all-time low, or anywhere else from the center.

4. Make use of the Lines!

Lines are everywhere. You might attempt counting all the lines around you but you’d ultimately go bananas and end up in a cushioned space with no lines and just fluffy walls. Use the lines to cause your topic of interest (which is not in the center). Believe of roads and how their lines can be used to result in a remote point.

Again, watch this video to get a shortcut masterclass on photography.

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