Is This The ULTIMATE Way To Relax?

A short while back I came across a Russell Brand video in which he talks about a craze which has been sweeping the world for a few months now, but has been an actual “thing” for quite a few years.

It’s called ASMR… and it stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. In it’s basic form, it’s simply someone whispering near you which causes a relaxed state.

However ASMR is continually evolving and has amassed a HUGE following of both men and women all over the globe.

Aside from the whispering, there is also something that’s used called a trigger. This is a touch or sound that triggers a relaxing, sensual and tingling feeling all throughout your body.

It has nothing to do with sex. It’s purely a a relaxation tool and has been known to get rid of… migraines/headaches, temporary pain (back pain etc), stress, anxiety/worry and insomnia to name a few. Pretty cool right?

Here’s an example of an ASMR treatment video:

What do you think? Some folks will hate it but some will absolutely love it. Personally I love it and it relaxes me to the point where I’m ready to fall asleep.

If it does work for you, just think of the possibilities with helping your anxiety, sleeping problems or stress. It’s awesome.

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