5 Ways To Make A Crazy Dog Obey (Wihtout Being A Meany)


Train them from day one!

Dogs can be annoying and badly behaved if they are left to their own devices and not trained from day one. Now the myth that you can’t train an old dog is just that… a myth, don’t believe it or a second… because it’s very easy to teach an old dog.

Below are simple ways to make ANY dog obey. The key thing to remember here is consistency, without it the dog will never learn or remember what you’ve taught it. They relish basic commands and are very obedient if trained properly.

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1. Buy a harness

Never buy a choke chain! Or a collar for that matter, they are cruel and can seriously harm your dog. Always buy a harness that fits around their chest and is comfortable for them. Not only will you have more control over the dog, it won’t hurt them during walks and training.

2. Get some tasty treats

Treats are essential for training your dog. Buy some chocolate dog treats (not human chocolate) and treat them every time they key a command. This reinforces the command and new neural pathways are being established within the dogs brain, hence why it’s important to be consistent with the training.

3. Spend 15 to 20 minutes a day training

Pick a time every day to focus on training your dog, you have to keep to that time and keep doing the same commands until it becomes second nature for the dog. When training, you will start off by using a lot of treats. So every successful command gets a treat. You need to space out the treats over time, until you get to a point where you’re not treating them with dog food, they are just doing it naturally.

4. Use basic commands

The most basic of commands that you want your dog to do is sit, lie down, fetch, come to you and sit by your side. You can teach them tricks if you like, but the most basic commands are what any dog should be able to do.

5. Switch things up

Don’t do the same thing with the dog every day, it’s very boring for them. Take them to new areas, new parks, buy them new treats and make your walks interesting for them.

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